About 4M

Our international movement has an amazing impact on men and women across the world by inspiring them to live for what really matters and to make the world a better place. Since the founding of the organization the movement has grown throughout twenty countries across the globe. With many tens of thousands men and women connected and serving, the movement is facilitated by a competent and servant organization on both national and international level. Set up as a social enterprise we pursue an impact while maintaining a solid business model.
As we are on a continuous path of growth and expansion into new geographical and demographical area’s, we are transforming our international governance layers by building a team of highly passionate and highly competent professionals that serve the national movements and the international movement as a whole. The role of Global Strategy Leader 4M is a vital part of our international management team and will give you a seat in our international board.


PHONE | 085 902 0791 - EMAIL | info@4m.nl

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